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Raider family members who are facing difficult and challenging experiences will receive support through programs that bolster health, welfare and resiliency. The Marine Raider Foundation helps Raider families with out-of- pocket expenses related to family medical emergencies, including those of special needs family members. Our programming includes support for events that enhance morale and resiliency and reintegration post-deployment.  The Family Resiliency Program is structured on the belief of empowering the spouses and children of Marine Raiders to help them navigate life in the Special Operations realm.


  • Travel Expenses
  • Emergency Child Care
  • Reduce out-of-pocket expenses associated with family emergencies
  • Provide connection to Exceptional Family Member Program and Care Coalition and help advocate for EFMP Family Members

Since standing up in May of 2012, the Marine Raider Foundation has provided over $450,000 in funding to the Family Resilience Program.  Support has included:

  • Funding for medical treatments and equipment not covered by military health insurance for Marine Raider spouses and children with chronic illness/disease
  • Funding for family events hosted by Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) components, including couples’ nights, LINKS for Spouses, and Pre-Deployment Briefs
  • Funding for Marine Raider families who have experienced natural disasters including fire, flood, and hurricane damage
  • Advocating for Marine Raider families who are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program
  • Funding for Marine Raider spouses and children to travel to awards ceremonies and receptions honoring their Marine or Sailor when those events are held away from where the Marine Raider family calls home

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I cannot begin to tell you how much this means to me and my family. I am a proud Marine of USSOCOM and MARSOC and I am just glad there are organizations like the Marine Raider Foundation who take care of their own. Again, thank you so much.

MARSOC Marine Raider
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