#Run4Raiders This Thanksgiving in the All Virtual Mimosa Bay Turkey Trot

#Run4Raiders This Thanksgiving in the All Virtual Mimosa Bay Turkey Trot

In November of 2012, just months after the MARSOC Foundation hosted its Commissioning Ceremony, Christina Actis, a Marine Corps spouse, decided to do a neighborhood fun run in conjunction with Thanksgiving to help raise funds and awareness for the MARSOC Foundation.  An event that raised $300 in its first year has grown into a yearly tradition that has collectively raised more than $35,000 over the past 8 years!  The Mimosa Bay Turkey Trot exemplifies a powerful and robust sense of community.  Neighbors from Mimosa Bay and surrounding areas come together to #Run4Raiders.  Local businesses support the race through sponsorships.

This year, due to COVID19 restrictions, the event is all virtual, meaning you can run the Mimosa Bay Turkey Trot from anywhere you choose! Register today at https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/VIRTUAL/2020MimosaBayTurkeyTrotVIRTUAL  Create a fundraising page and be in the “running” for some awesome swag, including Marine Raider Foundation Patches, Polos, and camo caps!

From Race Founder Christina Actis, reflecting on the race in 2013:

“The goal of increasing the community’s awareness of the “Heroes in Their Midst” and a foundation that supports them was achieved through this unique family event thanks to neighbors, friends and local businesses.  Months of planning and organizing made the weather the only variable left to chance in this operation.  With an approximate increase in growth of 100% each year over the previous, the numbers reflect growth any investor would be proud of.  The perfect blend of local vendor support with donations of food, product, prizes, and raffle items allowed the event to be executed with very little cost.  These wonderful supporters allowed us to maximize the benefit contributed to the MARSOC     Foundation, while ensuring each participant felt they received good value for their donation.”

From Jennifer Tucker, who has coordinated the Mimosa Bay Turkey Trot since 2016:

“I moved to Mimosa Bay in 2015, the same year the Mimosa Bay Turkey Trot originator, Christina Actis, moved away. I love some holiday festive races and was so excited when I saw we had a Turkey Trot in our very own neighborhood, [but] then it didn’t happen. The next year, the [person] who took over solicited for help and I volunteered. I didn’t really know anything about the Foundation except that it was a worthwhile cause based on the few people I had met who were beneficiaries. In the last five years, I have seen friends receive help from the Foundation and through directing this race have had people come up to me and tell me they are so grateful for the Foundation’s help. We rarely get into details, but from the few details I do get, I know the support is far ranging and truly supports the well-being of Raiders and their families. I don’t really know of another organization in our area which supports my neighbors so directly and abundantly. The race itself has become a part of my family’s tradition. My extended family knows {that} we don’t travel for Thanksgiving and I don’t cook the meal, which they fully support. Last year my girls (4 & 6) did the half mile and then were excited to get out and run a water station. When we moved this year, they were concerned about the Turkey Trot and if there would be one in our new neighborhood.”



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