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Get ready! Rucking for Raiders will be conducting its 5th Annual Memorial March this spring.

  • When?  May 4th starting at 7:00 a.m. CST &  ending on May 7th at 10:00 a.m. CST
  • Where?  From Auburn, AL to the Blackhawk Memorial in Navarre, FL
  • How?  Virtually and in-person – please visit the Rucking for Raiders Facebook page to learn how to donate and purchase apparel
  • Why?  To honor and remember MARSOC’s fallen heroes and their loved ones
    • Cpl Travis Woods, KIA 9/9/07
    • HM2 Luke Milam, KIA 9/25/07
    • SSgt Edgar Heredia, KIA 6/26/08
    • Capt Garrett Lawton, KIA 8/4/08
    • Sgt Michael Roy, KIA 7/8/09
    • Capt Joshua Meadows, KIA 9/5/09
    • SSgt Charles Cartwright, KIA 11/7/09
    • GySgt Robert Gilbert II, KIA 3/16/10
    • SSgt Christopher Antonik, KIA 7/11/10
    • SSgt David Day, KIA 4/24/11
    • Sgt William Woitowicz, KIA 6/7/11
    • Sgt Dennis Kancler, KIA 7/31/11
    • SSgt Patrick Dolphin, KIA 7/31/11
    • Sgt Christopher Wrinkle & K-9 Tosca, KIA 7/31/11
    • SSgt Nicholas Sprovtsoff, KIA 9/28/11
    • Sgt Justin Hansen, KIA 7/24/12
    • GySgt Daniel Price, KIA 7/29/12
    • GySgt Jonathan Gifford, KIA 7/29/12
    • SSgt Sky Mote, KIA 8/10/12
    • GySgt Ryan Jeschke, KIA 8/10/12
    • Capt Matthew Manoukian, KIA 8/10/12
    • HM1 Darrel Enos, KIA 8/17/12
    • SSgt Gregory Copes, KIA 8/17/12
    • Sgt Michael Guillory, KIA 12/14/12
    • Cpl David Sonka & K-9 Flex, KIA 5/4/13
    • SSgt Eric Christian, KIA 5/4/13
    • MSgt Aaron Torian, KIA 02/15/14
    • Sgt Charles Strong, KIA 09/15/2014
    • Capt Stanford Shaw III, KIT 03/10/15
    • MSgt Thomas Saunders, KIT 03/10/15
    • SSgt Marcus Bawol, KIT 03/10/15
    • SSgt Trevor Blaylock, KIT 03/10/15
    • SSgt Liam Flynn, KIT 03/10/15
    • SSgt Kerry Kemp, KIT 03/10/15
    • SSgt Andrew Seif, KIT 03/10/15
    • MSgt Eden Pearl, KIA 12/20/15
    • SSgt Robert Cox, KIT 7/10/17
    • SSgt William Kundrat, KIT 7/10/17
    • Sgt Chad Jenson, KIT 7/10/17
    • Sgt Talon Leach, KIT 7/10/17
    • Sgt Joseph Murray, KIT 7/10/17
    • Sgt Dietrich Schmieman, KIT 7/10/17
    • HM2 Ryan Lohrey, KIT 7/10/17
    • SSgt Joshua Braica, KIT 4/14/19
    • GySgt Scott Koppenhafer, KIA 08/10/2019
    • Maj Moises Navas, KIA 03/08/2020
    • GySgt Diego Pongo, KIA 03/08/20
    • Sgt Wolfgang “Wolf” K. Weninger, KIT 06/16/2020


Last year was an amazing success. In total, we were able to raise $22,896.94. That means that we have raised $69,042.38 in just 4 years! 100% of those funds went to the Marine Raider Foundation with the purpose of supporting the Gold Star families of fallen Marine Raiders, as well as Marine Raiders, through the Marine Raider Foundation’s four mission programs:

  • Tragedy Assistance & Survivor Support Program
  • Family Resiliency
  • Raider Support
  • Raider Legacy Preservation

A note from Brandon Kay of Rucking for Raiders

“Good afternoon and happy 2021 R4R family!   I hope all has been well with your families and the New Year has brought many blessings.  We are excited, yet sad, to announce the kick off of our 5th and final memorial ruck from Auburn. Yes, you read that right. This year will be the final year Dan and myself can commit our full attention this campaign deserves. We have overcome so much in these five years. From the start up and step off of our first ruck in 2016, to virtually rucking all over the U.S. last year. Let’s end this year’s ruck with a bang!  That being said, onto the exciting stuff!  The ruck will take place May 4th-7th. We cannot express our joy to be able to do this year’s ruck side by side as a family again. This year’s shirt designs are already underway! And the first benefit night, which will be next month, is being arranged.  Now let’s shake off that quarantine weight 😆, get our rucking legs moving 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️, and get ready for the best campaign year yet!”
-Brandon Kay