Grant Cox

Grant Cox is a former collegiate baseball player at Clemson University. He played two seasons until suffering a career ending injury his junior year in which he was medically disqualified by the NCAA. To this date, Grant has had 13 total operations and more to come! August of 2020, Grant was medically discharged at Military Entrance Processing Station. Grant tried again to become an Infantry Officer in the Marine Corps but was discharged Fall of 2021. By Grantโ€™s discharge, this didnโ€™t stop him from wanting to be a part of something bigger than himself which is why he joined the Marine Raider Foundation. Grant is from Greenville, South Carolina where he resides and is a Sports Medicine/Orthopedics Medical Device Representative. Everything that Grant has been through, he uses this to help others and give back to so many who gave everything. Grant is in process of writing his first book which will inspire those to turn tragedy into triumph and pain into growth. He plans to start his MBA Fall of 2022 at The Citadel.

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