Patrick Hackett

Patrick Hackett is a former Raider with 1st Marine Raider Battalion and current investment banking professional in New York City. Patrick was born in New York City and spent his younger years in New Jersey enjoying the outdoors and organized sports. After graduating high school, Patrick spent some time at Charleston Southern University where he played baseball for the school prior to enlisting in the Marine Corps in March of 2008. Post Parris Island, he went on to ITB at Camp Geiger. After receiving orders, he went on to selection and ITC. Patrick finished his time in the Marine Corps in September of 2013 with 1st Marine Raider Battalion and went on to complete his undergraduate education at Fordham University in New York City. He currently resides in Jersey City, New Jersey and works full time in New York City at Academy Securities, a Post 9/11 disabled veteran owned investment bank.

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