1 06, 1942

June, 1942

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In June, 1942, 2nd Raider Battalion participated in the sea and air battles of Midway Island, with two companies stationed on North Island and Sand Island during the battles. After nearly two weeks, the companies boarded U.S. warships and returned to Pearl Harbor.

9 08, 1942

August 9th, 1942

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On August 9th, 1942, two companies from 2nd Raider Battalion embarked at Pearl Harbor aboard two submarines, the SS Argonaut (SS-166) and the SS Nautilus (SS-168), and sailed for the Gilbert Islands. A week later, 2nd Raider Battalion conducted the famed assault landing on Butaritari Island, Makin Atoll, launching rubber raiding boats from the decks of the submarines.

8 09, 1942

September 8th, 1942

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On September 8th, 1942, 1st Raider Battalion conducted a daring raid on the Japanese supply base at Tasimboko, Guadalcanal, beginning a month long fight in the legendary Battle of Guadalcanal. Four days later, on September 12th, they began the Battle of Edson’s Ridge (also known as “Bloody Ridge”) in the successful defense of Henderson Airfield. After another month of fighting, 1st Battalion was withdrawn from the island.

4 11, 1942

November 4th, 1942

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On November 4th, 1942, 2nd Raider Battalion conducted an amphibious assault at Aola Bay, Guadalcanal, and begins a 30-day guerrilla mission known as “The Long Patrol.” Over the next thirty days, the battalion participated in six major battles. On December 4th, the battalion returned to friendly lines at Henderson Field. 2nd Raider Battalion left Guadalcanal on December 15th, 1942.

21 06, 1943

June 21st, 1943

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On June 21st, 1943, elements of 1st and 4th Raider Battalions participated in the occupation of Segi Point, New Georgia, in the British Solomon Islands. For the next week, the battalions fought in several key battles of the New Georgia campaign, to include Choi River, Viru Village, and Tombe Harbor. In early July, the Raiders consolidated on the island and participated in the Battle of Keruka, Wickham Anchorage. The fighting on New Georgia continued for another two months, with the battalions leaving for good in late August. Both units eventually made their way to New Zealand for Rest and Rehabilitation.

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